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How can I obtain ISO Certification?

  • Step 1Choose a Management Standard

    > ISO 9001 > ISO 14001 > ISO 45001
  • Step 2Contact us

    Processing times apply. A first feedback is given ASAP.
  • Step 3The Initial Assessment

    An essential part of the work is to assess properly the organizations, its aims and objectives.
  • Step 4Documentation Preparation

    We assist in the best way your staff to prepare documents and initiate set up for as per standards
  • Step 5Certification

    Auditing is then programmed with collection of evidence that ISO standards are fully met. Corrective measures may be issued as well.
  • Step 6Maintaining Compliance

    A planning is then set for maintaining the ISO standard.

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Our History

We specializes in helping firms and government entities achieving their goals in terms of management standards.

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NT INTERMED LTD has a solid network and quality service background

We are part of CCIFM (Chambre de Commerce France Maurice), a recognized network of local and international entrepreneurs which aim to ensuring collaboration at highest levels of commitment.

It functions also in tandem with the government to work towards growth and sustenance of Industries and internal trade. They help in removing barriers of trade and policy making which ensures promotion of trade and takes care of interests of industry partners.

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    Company details

    NT INTERMED Ltd, BRN C23193890, 3, Mootoosamy Lane MGR Leen 1, Port-Louis, Mauritius

    Registrar of Companies Mauritius.

    Operating zones : Indian Ocean regions, France & Italy.

    Managing Director : Mr Nicolas Thondojee, MSc, Consultant AICQ-SICEV, Risk Manager ANRA Associate


    Telephone: +230 214 9719 / + 39 010 4499 859 / +33 785 601 665 (WhatsApp & Telegram)